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08/10/2018New Antiepileptic Medications Have Not Improved Overall Seizure Control - (DGNews)
08/02/2018Folic Acid May Prevent Language Delays in Babies Born to Women With Epilepsy - (DGNews)
06/20/2018FDA Approves Cannabidiol Oral Solution to Treat Rare, Severe Forms of Epilepsy - (DGNews)
04/30/2018Do Women With Epilepsy Have Similar Likelihood of Pregnancy? - (DGNews)
04/11/2018FDA Approves Everolimus for Tuberous Sclerosis Complex-Associated Partial-Onset Seizures - (DGNews)
04/10/2018People With Epilepsy at Higher Risk for Unnatural Death - (DGNews)
02/14/2018Stress-Reducing Techniques Can Reduce Seizure Frequency in Patients With Refractory Epilepsy - (DGNews)
01/10/2018Are There Signs of CTE in the Brain Tissue of Younger People With Epilepsy? - (DGNews)
12/06/2017Perampanel Efficacy and Safety Confirmed in Real-World Analysis - (DGDispatch)
12/06/2017Midazolam Nasal Spray Effective in Patients With Acute Repetitive Seizures - (DGDispatch)
12/05/2017MRI Detects Brainstem Damage That May Cause Sudden Death in Epilepsy - (DGDispatch)
12/05/2017Patients With Epilepsy Who Receive Treatment for Sleep Apnoea Have Better Seizure Control - (DGDispatch)
12/05/2017Fenfluramine May Reduce Convulsive Seizure Frequency in Patients With Dravet Syndrome - (DGDispatch)
11/10/2017Researchers Discover 8 New Epilepsy Genes - (DGNews)
10/18/2017Adjuvant Everolimus Reduces Focal-Onset Seizures in Patients With Tuberous Sclerosis Complex - (DGDispatch)
09/20/2017Epilepsy Drugs May Have Damaging Effects on Children’s Bones - (DGNews)
07/31/2017Genetic Testing Helps Detect Cause of Early Life Epilepsy - (DGNews)
06/27/2017New Individualised Prediction Model for Seizure Recurrence - (DGDispatch)
05/02/2017New Technology Makes Surgery a More Viable Option for Patients With Epilepsy - (DGNews)
04/27/2017FDA Approves Cerliponase Alfa for a Form of Batten Disease - (DGNews)
04/27/2017Long-Term Adjunctive Perampanel Is Effective for Generalised Tonic- Clonic Seizures - (DGDispatch)
04/24/2017New Guideline Published on Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy - (DGNews)
04/20/2017TopAbstracts in Epilepsy 04/20/2017 - (DGNews)
04/06/2017TopAbstracts in Epilepsy 04/06/2017 - (DGNews)
04/04/2017Stress Reduction Techniques May Prevent Seizure Trigger in Patients With Epilepsy - (DGNews)
03/23/2017TopAbstracts in Epilepsy 03/23/2017 - (DGNews)
03/09/2017TopAbstracts in Epilepsy 03/09/2017 - (DGNews)
02/28/2017Ketogenic Diet Is Safe, Effective for Some Patients With Super-Refractory Status Epilepticus - (DGNews)
02/23/2017TopAbstracts in Epilepsy 02/23/2017 - (DGNews)
02/21/2017Antiepileptic Drugs Taken During Pregnancy Do Not Harm the Child’s Overall Health - (DGNews)

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