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08/13/2018Coronary Artery Compression in Children More Common Than Previously Thought - (DGNews)
08/13/2018Cystic Fibrosis Impacts Growth in the Womb - (DGNews)
08/13/2018Benzodiazepines Associated With Increased Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease - (DGNews)
08/13/2018Fracture Risk Increases by 30% After Gastric Bypass Surgery - (DGNews)
08/13/2018Genetic Tools Uncover Cause of Early Infantile Epileptic Encephalopathy - (DGNews)
08/13/2018Novel Blood Test Predicts Kidney Cancer Risk, Survival 5 Years Prior to Diagnosis - (DGNews)
08/13/2018FDA Approves New Treatment for Fabry Disease - (DGNews)
08/10/2018FDA Approves New Vaginal Ring for 1 Year of Birth Control - (DGNews)
08/10/2018More Than 40% of Women With Asthma May Develop COPD - (DGNews)
08/10/2018Early Type 1 Diabetes May Shorten Women’s Lives by 18 Years - (DGNews)
08/10/2018FDA Approves Targeted Therapy to Treat Polyneuropathy of Hereditary Transthyretin-Mediated Amyloidosis - (DGNews)
08/10/2018New Antiepileptic Medications Have Not Improved Overall Seizure Control - (DGNews)
08/10/2018NCCN Publishes Guidelines for Rare Cancers Associated With Pregnancy - (DGNews)
08/10/2018Melanoma Linked With CLL, Close Monitoring Recommended - (DGNews)
08/10/2018Elderly Patients on Dialysis Have a High Risk of Dementia - (DGNews)
08/10/2018Postpartum Depression Prevalent in New Fathers - (DGNews)
08/09/2018Genetic Mutations of Appendix Cancer Identified, May Impact Treatment - (DGNews)
08/09/2018Buprenorphine, Naloxone Combo is Safe, Effective for Pregnant Women With Opioid Dependency - (DGNews)
08/09/2018Frequent Cases of Basal Cell Carcinoma Can Signal Increased Risk of Other Cancers - (DGNews)
08/09/2018Physical Activity Improves Levels of Heart, Vessel Disease Markers in Older Adults - (DGNews)
08/09/2018False Negatives Common in Tests Used to Determine ROS1 Status in Lung Cancer - (DGNews)
08/09/2018AI Algorithm Classifies Illness, Predicts Medication Response in Patients With Complex Mood Disorders - (DGNews)
08/09/2018Exercise Reduces Risk of Atrial Fibrillation in People With Severe Obesity - (DGNews)
08/08/2018High-Sensitivity Troponin Test Diagnoses Myocardial Infarction Faster - (DGNews)
08/08/2018Inducing Labour at 39 Weeks Decreases Need for Caesarean Section - (DGNews)
08/08/2018Severe Pre-Eclampsia Damages Heart’s Ability to Relax Between Contractions - (DGNews)
08/08/2018Increased Risk of Myeloid Blood Cancers in Relatives of Patients - (DGNews)
08/08/2018USPSTF Says No to Screening Older Adults for Atrial Fibrillation With ECG - (DGNews)
08/08/2018New AAN Guideline for Managing Vegetative, Minimally Conscious States - (DGNews)
08/08/2018Lower Risk of Complicated Appendicitis in Children With Allergies - (DGNews)

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